Selling Gucci to a Pest Control Company

Last month, I got a call from one of the most reputable pest control companies Pro Pest Control Company, to help them purchase Gucci products for their staff members. At first, I was not sure that we had the ability to pull it off until we meet for a cup of coffee with a couple of the company officials. Basically, what they wanted is us to help them choose the best Gucci products that they would use before the end of the year as gifts.



After showing the a full catalog of Gucci products that we knew existed in the market, they were not satisfied and requested that we used our creativity skills to come up with some ideas that they would later send to the Gucci to make customized products. Our designers dot down to work and created a couple of designs and to our surprise the company approved them all without requesting for any edits. Probably, over the years our designing skills have improved that much!

Presentation to Gucci

We accompanied the ant control company officials to Gucci head office where we helped them to explain the specific details of the products that they wanted made. We spent three hours in the meeting explaining the essence of each feature that our designers had included in the proposed designs. But as usual, some of them were not implementable and do we had to think fast and come up with a couple of alternatives.

Manufacturing Process

One of the reasons why Gucci has succeeded in maintain a very good reputation in the market is their ability to consistently provide high quality products to their clients. They used their skills and advanced equipment to make the products and delivered them within two weeks. In the past, the company used to make customized products in less than three days, but due to the complexity of this order, they had to spend more time on each product to avoid any rejections.

Delivery and Approval

Once the goods were ready, they were shipped to this reputable bedbug control company for final approval by the officials. They took time to check all the products and our designers helped them to check if all the proposed designed was used to the letter.

We all agreed on the fact that the company had worked smart to include all our suggestions in making the products. The pest control company paid the full amount and promised to order more products next year.

Cons of Marketing Gucci Products Offline

As awkward as may sound, there is a group of marketers who specialize in selling and marketing Gucci products offline. Well, there is a small number of them who have actually succeeded in marking a substantial amount of profit using this method, but most of them fail terribly to achieve their set goals and objectives.

Today we explore some of the main reasons that hinder them from making money by selling and marketing Gucci products offline.


Not Easy to Convince Customers

When selling products offline, it is not easy to convince the customers to purchase the products how good the deal is, this is because most of them are used to placing their orders online and waiting for the shipping company to deliver them to their doorstep.


When establishing an offline store, it is imperative to note that you will be competing against hundreds of other companies that have online stores. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why most of the offline companies close shop before the end of one year. However, if you have good marketing skills, you can still succeed in cutting a niche for yourself but this will take you weeks.

High Operating Cost

Running a business offline is a tall order to most people due to the many logistical factors that one has to put into consideration. For instance, you need to consider the cost of establishing an office and applying for permits.

Clearly, running Gucci products offline is not as it sounds. Establish an online store to save yourself from the hustles associated with selling products from a physical shop.

Offline Marketing Tips to Sell Gucci Products

To sell any product or service in the current competitive market, you need to have good marketing skills and ability to predict the outcome of every action that you make in your business. Gucci is one of the companies that have over the years proven to have the best offline and online marketing strategies.

Here are some of the simple offline marketing lessons that you can learn from them.


Attend Conferences

Every month, a number of employees from Gucci marketing department attend conferences all across the globe that in one way or another are related to their industry. Hence, if you want to increase the sales that your company makes offline, you need to make time to attend such conferences.

Hold Trade Fairs

Unlike other companies that only wait for organizations to hold trade fairs so as to showcase their products to the world, Gucci holds its own trade fairs where it markets and showcases its products to clients independently. Despite the fact that such a venture is very expensive and un-affordable to most small businesses, the returns one gets are worth the money. Alternatively, companies that deal with the same or similar products can decided to hold a joint trade fair to reduce the cost.

Finally, Gucci has a very reliable marketing team that is committed and determined to ensure that the company achieves its goals and objectives. They undergo regular training that helps improve their marketing and communication skills. In addition, the company very good discounts that would leave most companies in limbo if they were to do the same.


How Gucci Maintains Quality

Gucci is one of the leading personal accessory companies that is well known for the quality products that it offers to customers. The clean reputation is enough proof, if you have never purchased a Gucci product, go ahead and get one. I can assure that you will not regret. Before we proceed, it is important to look at some of the products that they provide. The most common are watches, handbags, shoes, and even t-shirts and coats.

For today, we will look at strategies that this company uses to maintain quality.

Gucci coat

Hiring Expert Personnel

This is one of the main strategy that the company has put in place to ensure that they stay on top of their game. They only hire expert personnel who not only have the required academic qualifications but also experience and a deep understanding of this industry. If you are looking to get a job in this company, you need to make sure that you have the skills and experience.

Modern Manufacturing Equipment

Technology has led to development of new manufacturing equipment that are more reliable and effective in promoting bulk production of products. Gucci has invested in such equipment as evident from their state of the art production plant. In fact, there are documentaries online that you can watch to get a clear perspective of how these products are made.

Finally, the company has networked with other companies that provide them with high quality materials. However, the company still evaluates the quality of the materials before they are used in the manufacturing process.

Identifying Genuine Gucci Watch Sellers

One of the best ways of getting your hands on a genuine and durable Gucci watch is by choosing the best seller. There are hundreds if not thousands of stores that sell this kind of watches, the only downside is that some are not genuine and are out there to swindle money from unsuspecting customers.

Here are some tips on how to identify a genuine Gucci watch seller.


Legal Accreditation

Only licensed stores are allowed to stock and sell Gucci watches to the customers no matter your county or state. Hence, it is imperative to request for this documents to make an informed decision. License is one of the most common document that you can ask for to know if the seller is accredited or not.

Money Guarantee

Most people are of the idea that a money back guarantee is often used by companies to lure customers to purchase their products. Well, this is true to some extent. It all depends with where you are standing and your perspective about marketing. Anyway, the most reliable sellers offer a money back guarantee to their customers. Basically, this policy states that one can get a 100% refund if they are unsatisfied with the quality and functionalism of the watch after purchase. However, you need to take the watch back within a specified period of time.


The replica Gucci watch sellers offer very low prices for their products in order to lure as many customers as possible to their circle. Before you go shopping, it is recommendable to do some background research to know the average or estimated price of the watch you intend to buy. If the seller offers an utterly low price, be very careful as you might end up paying a replica.

Get value for your money by purchasing Gucci watches from only accredited stores.

Benefits of Gucci Watches

They say, if you want to know a successful man, just analyze how he manages his time and money. One of the guaranteed ways of keeping time is by investing in a quality watch. Gucci is one of the manufacturing companies that is well known for providing top quality watches in the market. Here are some of the main reasons why you should consider investing in this kind of watches.

Water Resistant

Gone are the days when you had to first remove your watch before jumping into your swimming pool when you hold a pool party for your friends and colleagues. The company has come up with ways of making watches that are water resistant. There is no limit on the amount of time that you can spend in water wearing it, provided that is is an original Gucci watch.


Scratch Resistant

This is another major attribute that give this watches an upper hand in the market. It goes without saying that scratches can compromise the appearance of any watch even if it is not Gucci. The manufacturer has come up with a way of making their watches scratch resistant by using materials and coating that are not susceptible to this form of damage.


Just like handbags, the Gucci watches are tailored to show case your style and personality to the world. For instance, they have unique straps that is noticeable from miles away. In addition, some have a special internal feature that illuminates at night. This means that you will not have to use a torch to know the time when walking in the dark.

Purchase Gucci watch today to take your time management skills and elegance to the next level.

Makes Makes Gucci Bags Different

The Gucci bags have gained a very huge popularity offline and online. This is clearly evident from the many blogs such as this one that is dedicated to discussing Gucci products and their replicas. The huge number of customers who are purchasing this products is also another major determinant that the manufacturing company has to consider if it wants to stay afloat.

Today let us look at three main aspects that make this kind of bags different from the rest.



Gucci bags are made using a high quality material that can withstand a wide array of outdoor conditions such as rain, high temperatures, cold, snow and the list continues. However, you need to ensure that you take good care of it after exposing it to such conditions if you want it to serve you for many years to come.


This is closely related to the previous aspect that we just discussed. The modern customers would rather buy a buy that will last for decades at a high price than buy a bag every year or every month. The latter is a very expensive shopping habit that most people cannot sustain due to the harsh economic environment. Gucci bags can last for many years without showing any signs of wear such as getting torn or fading.


If you want to showcase your inner style and personality to the world, watch what you wear and carry around. This is one of the skills that artists and celebrities from all across the globe have mastered. The Gucci company understands this fact too well and has an in-house team of designers who create stylish bags for consumers on a daily basis.

Get yourself a Gucci bag today!

Reasons Gucci Cannot be Defeated by their Competitors

The fashion industry has and will always be competitive. The Gucci brand has survived the fierce competition from its rivals, and it is not likely to lose its market position to its competitors.

Here are the reasons Gucci cannot be defeated by their competitors.


Conspicuous Branding

Most of the fashion designers adopted the practice of branding their apparel from Gucci. Most lovers of Gucci love the superiority of the Gucci brand and pay a premium for it. Gucci is so successful because people associate the brand with a premier lifestyle. The double G logo or red and green stripes on Gucci products appeals to customers. In fact, its rivals adore the success of prominent branding by Gucci and later started putting names on their products.

Celebrity Exposure

The success behind Gucci is the influence caused by celebrities that wear Gucci products. For instance, the Gucci Flora silk scarf gained fame because the Princess of Monaco was frequently seen wearing it. Celebrities influence the public to wear certain brands and have effectively triggered the rise of Gucci into the most successful fashion brands today.

High-Quality Apparel

The Gucci products are made of high-quality material that serves its customers for a very long time. Some rivals do not prioritize on the materials and end up frustrating their customers.

The visible branding and the association of the Gucci brand with luxury and a premier lifestyle will forever keep Gucci ahead of its rivals.







Top Celebrities that Wear Gucci

Gucci appreciates huge acceptance from the public as well as celebrities. Celebrities are often spotted in Gucci products that drive the demand for Gucci brands among people.

Here is a list of top celebrities that wear Gucci.


Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt enjoys multimillion deal endorsements from automakers and perfume manufacturers. The Hollywood star is often spotted in Gucci suits that are typically the brand’s latest design.

Kate Moss

She is one of the most controversial supermodels today. Her modeling career is shaped around a fabulous lifestyle. She wears Gucci products and claims that the brand makes impressive apparel. She has boosted the demand for Gucci products among models.

Blake Livey

One of the avid collectors of Gucci products is Blake Livey, a showbiz star. She enjoys virtually every products made by Gucci. She wears Gucci perfumes, wallet and is often seen carrying a Gucci handbag.

Camilla Belle

Camilla Belle is one of the most versatile American actresses. She is a daughter of a fashion designer that probably drives her love for Gucci products. She promotes many fashion brands but personally likes Gucci products. She often matches her stylish outfit with Gucci perfume.

Drew Barrymore

She is an American model, actress and movie director. She loves Gucci jewelry and often wears Gucci perfumes.

Katherine Shane

Katherine is an excellent actor and likes Gucci clothes and jewelry. She often wears Gucci products on the screen.

Surely, Gucci is favorite among celebrities especially actors and models.

Tips to Selling Gucci Handbags in Africa

The economic growth in Africa has created a demand for Gucci handbags. Selling luxurious handbags made by high-end designers such as Gucci in Africa is possible but not an easy task.

Here are the tips to selling Gucci handbags in Africa.


Affiliate Seller Program

To attract a broad customer base for Gucci handbags in Africa, you need to associate yourself with successful dealers or the designer company. This creates confidence among your customers as the affiliation with the designer takes away doubts regarding the authenticity of the Gucci Handbags.

Provide Adequate Information

The internet is effective in communicating with customers. Creating a website is useful in attracting the attention of Africans interested in purchasing Gucci handbags. Ensure that you provide sufficient description of the bags and attach their pictures. Also, provide an option of either purchasing the Gucci handbag online or by visiting your retail stores.

Use Social Media

Leading retailers in Africa, have relied on social media to market their products. Promoting your Gucci handbags on social media will lure Africans to your retail store. Posting pictures of the latest Gucci handbags on your Facebook and Instagram pages is effective in attracting customers from Africa.

Reasonable Pricing

Africans are price sensitive and charging exorbitant prices for Gucci handbags will not help in penetrating the African market. Selling your Gucci handbags at competitive and fair prices is an incentive to increasing demand from Africans.

The above tips are useful for successfully selling Gucci handbags in the rising middle-income class in Africa.